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Country (27), and He (19) D. the two, both by national and brother during a family holiday in Florence in their lives, have died as a result of a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol. Report this to the Italian media, on the basis of the initial findings from the research.

now, Father, Hansel, D. C., and found the two brothers on the 29th of september, at their rooms in the Minerva hotel. The research will take the experts, a total of ninety days, but for now, it is clear that the two of them were killed by a lethal cocktail of drugs and alcohol. Presumably, had the victims and the large amount of drugs on the basis of the pain-killer oxycodone, and psychotropic (mind-altering agent, also known as benzodiazepines, while the intake in the wrong light.

however, this is not at all certain. The 19-year-old, He was struggling with suicidal feelings, and convinced a pharmacist to give him two boxes on the “killer” oxycodone-to to sell, without a prescription, and because he was in pain due to the after-effects of the surgery on his arm. It has launched an investigation into the pharmacist, they have the resources to be sold.

Anyone with questions surrounding a suicide, can take a look at the Zelfmoordlijn via the toll-free number to 1813, or www.zelfmoord1813.be.