rescue Workers have been trying for four days with a two year old boy from a small pit in to save the day in the southern part of India. His chances of survival are low, inform the officials on Monday.

The toddler, Sujith, Wilson, fell Thursday night in an abandoned well when he was in the neighborhood of his home, in the Tiruchirappalli district, in the state of Tamil Nadu with your friends in the games. Initially, he was stuck at a depth of ten meters, but was later dropped, he has to be more than 25 feet deep, is sharing a regional leader of the National peacekeeping force for natural Disasters (NDRF) Rekha Nambiar them.

“Because the first attempt failed to bring him a rope to save the drilling of our teams have, since Saturday, there was a tunnel about a meter wide, running parallel to the edge of the well to get the little ones to reach,” explains Nambiar. The process will be slow, because there are more than nine feet of rock drilled, it must be said that the NDRF chief. It will be followed by the loose soil, and they will try to have the guy reach through a horizontal passage. “The operation was twelve hours or more, may take a while”, she says.

The guy is stuck with no food or water, some officials are concerned about it. “It is a pity that he has ever since he slipped, covered with mud’, deplores the fact that the regional NDRF chief. Only in the palm of his hand and the fingers, with the aid of a camera to be seen. According to local media, there are oxygen provided, but the answer of the boy, no longer crying. “We hope that, just that he’s an air bag for that one. The situation is discouraging, but we’ll do our best”, says Nambiar.

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