Reports rejected – Trump was only “for inspection” in BunkerDer U.S. President had to find on Friday in the face of angry protests in front of the White house to temporarily shelter in an underground Bunker, had the American media reported on the weekend. Trump disagrees.

U.S. President Donald Trump rejects the representation, he had to search on Friday evening (local time) in the face of angry protests in front of the White house to temporarily shelter in an underground Bunker. These reports were wrong, Trump said on Wednesday the radio station to Fox News. “I am during the day, went down, and I was looking for a tiny, short time there, and it was more for an inspection.”

He looked at the Bunker only”,” assured Trump. “There was no Problem, and then I read about it, as it was a big thing.” It had never been a Problem. The Secret Service is doing a great Job and have the situation fully under control.

Several US media had reported at the weekend, according citing Trumps environment, the President’s grounds on Friday evening due to protests in front of the White house for security for a time in the underground Bunker of the government headquarters have been brought. Protesters had gathered in front of the White house, some of them were met with barricades, bottles and stones flew.

to come in the days that followed, it was protests in front of the White house. On Monday evening, security forces, demonstrators pushed back in a violent manner from the square in front of the government headquarters, even with the use of tear gas.

For extraordinary situations of risk

Trump is, given the current unrest as a Hardliner, and referred to himself as “President for law and order”. Reports that, of all things, he must bring in his own headquarters in a Bunker in safety, come at an inconvenient time.

The protection space is provided for exceptional situations of risk, such as terrorist attacks. The security forces see in the White house as a bigger threat, they will bring the President to get there – which is rare.

Trump said in the Interview that he had been two or three Times in the Bunker, “every Time for the inspection”. He was open to what period he was referring to.

Since the days it comes in many U.S. cities to demonstrations against police violence and racism in the country. The trigger for the protests was the death of the African-American George Floyd is after a brutal police operation in Minneapolis.