Reporters without bordersreport: 80 killed journalists in the year 2018


    this year, at least 80 journalists and media workers have been killed, fifteen more than in 2017, as the organization “reporters without borders” reported. To 1. December came, therefore, in Afghanistan, fifteen journalists violently killed, eleven in Syria, nine in Mexico, eight in Yemen and six in India. More than half of the journalists had been targeted because of their activities was murdered.

    The annual report of the “reporters without borders” referred to it as a “frightening character” that 36 journalists have been killed outside of War zones. This was especially true for Mexico. Many Killed there, had reported on corruption and drug-related crime and had been protected “inadequate and ineffective”. “Too often, perpetrators, and Client can expect that suicides remain without consequences,” said ROG-Board spokesman Michael Rediske.

    Due to a mere Posts

    the World 346 journalists sit according to the survey, due to their work in prison, about half of them in five countries: China, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. About 150 of the Detainees are not professional journalists. In China are some of the “been due to a mere social media Posts or Messenger services”. Many of the Prisoners there were abused, some tortured, it said.

    The report also deals with the situation in Saudi Arabia and the assassination of the saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Kashoggi. At least 28 media workers sit, therefore, on the basis of their work in Saudi Arabia in prison. Many had been taken under the crown Prince Mohammed Salman bin since the autumn of 2017.

    Of the 60 kidnapped journalists should all be up in the violence of groups in the Middle East. Especially in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, journalists are being held.