the rates in The future, in Flanders, in a year’s time, more than 5 percent, according to the huurbarometer of the association of CIB Vlaanderen. Today, those who want to rent a property, you have to a monthly average of 765 euros changed hands, or 39 euros, more than by 2018. The increase is significantly higher than the rate of inflation (about 1.5 percent), but it was mainly because of the large influx of quality new-build, says the CIB.

The body is considered to be more than 15,000 new leases. “There it is, the pricing is still free. During the course of the contract, it is gebetonneerd, and there can be only indexed to be”, says CIB on it. It is, therefore, only when a new rental property that is on the market to date.

in Addition, in the past few years, a lot of new buildings, in particular apartments. “And they that are in the higher price ranges, which makes the averages go up,” said the association. Apartments in Flanders, for the year of 5.3 per cent more expensive, up to an average of 727 per month.

if you are terraced houses continued to increase in the price is limited to 3.4 per cent (787 euros), a semi-detached house, 3 pc’s more expensive (€865). Villa was spectacular (up 37 pct) to be more expensive, but the selection is very limited and, therefore, is the comparison even more. Luxevastgoed in the outskirts of Brussels or Knokke is distorting the average, notes the CIB on the.

in Flemish Brabant, belgium remains the most expensive province to rent, while in Antwerp, and louvain (Leuven) is the most expensive major cities of. In the province of Limburg and West-Flanders, the apartments are in a catching-up process towards the rest of Flanders.