An icon of French variety. This Friday, January 12, 2024, TMC is dedicating a special evening to Renaud, who celebrated his 70th birthday last May, during a special program in his honor. At the heart of this documentary entitled Renaud my brother, this phoenix, we follow his return to the forefront during his last tour.

Directed by Aurélie Condou, this documentary film on Renaud returns on this occasion “on the singer’s entire career through the eyes of his twin, which makes it a very complete document on all his work and gives it a very intimate and exclusive approach “, indicates the channel’s press release. Among the people who are important in the circle of the committed artist, we find on screen the testimonies of his brother Thierry, his younger sister Sophie or even his childhood friends and his loves.

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A program, of which we reveal unpublished images below, which should be followed by the members of his clan and more particularly by his daughter Lolita Séchan. The 43-year-old writer, who was the wife of singer Renan Luce from 2009 to 2006, always remained by his side, in good times and bad. Like the ex-spouse of “Mister Renard”, Romane Serda, who is still close to the latter. “He knows that I will always be there for him, even if it took him time to accept the idea of ​​me having another man in my life,” she confided in L’instant De Luxe by Non Stop People.

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The ex-lovers are parents of a boy named Malone, born in 2006. In 2016, in Le Journal du Dimanche, the interpreter of “Manhattan-Kaboul” revealed that he “missed out on his childhood due to alcoholism “: “But now he calls me dad, before he called me Renaud. […] I am rediscovering him. I would like to experience his adolescence in a way I did not experience his childhood.”.

For her part, Romane Serda had drawn up a precise portrait of her son whose face has never been revealed to the general public: “Physically, Malone is a clever mix of the two of us, I think. From Renaud, he especially has facial expressions , attitudes, character traits (…) He is talented, he sings very well, he plays the piano and the drums… But, I refuse to put pressure on him. It’s so complicated to be the son of a monument like his father!”

For the occasion, Planet invites you to discover photos of its family album through our slideshow.