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The statue of a protester in black with the fist raised, this Wednesday was replaced by a merchant of slaves in the SEVENTEENTH century in the English city of Bristol, has been withdrawn today by order of the city Council when you consider that was placed without authorization.

in the early hours of the morning, several city employees carried out the works of the withdrawal of the sculpture , a work by british artist Marc Quinn , which, in metal and black resin, representing Jen Reid, a resident of the city .

Bristol city Council noted that the work will be placed in the museum for the author of “the collect, or donate” to the local collection.

The team of Quinn, known for stunning pieces as “Self” and “Alison Lapper pregnant” , placed the statue on the pedestal where from 1895 up to the image of Edward Colston, former mp and conservative benefactor of the city, known for trading with slaves during the SEVENTEENTH century.

The statue of Colston was thrown into the river in protest against racism within the movement “Black Lives Matter” last June 7 , an event in which was this demonstrator Reid , whose work is represented in the position in which he was imaged on the day of the protest .

The woman said that she felt “the boost” up to the pedestal empty and pick up the fist against racism and rejection by murder of african american George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer on may 25 in the united States.

After installing the work this Wednesday knowing that it does not have the permission institutional, Quinn acknowledged that it would not be a “permanent solution” for the enclave in question, but said that it was the “spark” was needed to “attract continued attention to this vital issue and pressing”.