If you were planning to enjoy ice cream all summer… Go your own way. The government site Rappel Conso recently updated its page devoted to recalls of products contaminated by various harmful substances. And the list is starting to grow. After bread, charcuterie, cheese, tuna, and even strawberries… It is therefore the turn of ice cream to be infected by different substances.

According to the latest information relayed, it would be advisable not to consume (or better still to bring back to the store) ice creams from the Artisans Givrés brand, ice cream logs, Twix ice cream bars, as well as Amour de Glace pots.

Some batches are indeed suspected of having too many pesticides, but also chemical contaminants. Starting with an abnormally high level of ethylene oxide.

Beyond encouraging them not to consume them, the government site asks consumers to please report the products in question. Especially since summer is approaching and uninformed consumers could be tempted to buy and consume more and more ice cream during the summer period.

A new disappointment for brands which, for more than a year, have accumulated product recalls and must alert consumers and public authorities.