Reminder: this peach juice sold at Grand Frais must be brought back to the store


Are you a juice lover for breakfast? Or better yet, do you particularly appreciate peach nectar, for its very sweet flavor and unrivaled smoothness? Beware ! A certain yellow peach nectar is the subject of a voluntary recall throughout France, according to Rappel Conso. The cause of the recall? An “organoleptic defect”, which means that the product gives off an abnormal smell. This type of defect is generally caused by microbial growth, which generates an unpleasant odor.

Even if the ingestion of a product that has changed its smell will not, a priori, be risky, the tendency is to be cautious. In addition, our perception of taste depends a lot on smell: when you have a stuffy nose, for example, you don’t taste much. Tasting a fruit juice with a strange smell would therefore not necessarily be very pleasant, which explains the recall procedure, which also allows you to benefit from a refund.

Indeed, you should bring the items concerned to the nearest Grand Frais subsidiary, because it is in the signs of this large distributor that the corrupted juice was marketed. Before rushing to the returns counter, check carefully that the products you intend to get reimbursed correspond to those subject to the recall.

To do this, here is the reference to identify: