It is an integral part of the composition of quantity of food products in the world and it has just been affected by suspicions of salmonella: buckwheat flour.

On Wednesday May 18, the government site for dangerous product alerts shared a recall concerning a batch of buckwheat flour marketed in the Cantal department. In fact, an agent responsible for salmonellosis (Salmonella spp) was detected in one of the batches. Which batch is now the subject of a recall throughout France. Be careful if you have recently purchased buckwheat flour.

Sold in 1kg packets, it is fluid buckwheat buckwheat flour. Its maximum expiry date is extended to October 29. As for the batch suspected of containing traces of salmonella, it would have, among other things, been marketed in Metro stores between May 3 and May 17, 2022.

The problem is that this warning comes after many other alerts. Bread, certain deli meats, salmon, tuna, cheeses, pasta and certain brands have recently been singled out for the same suspicions. Not to mention that buckwheat flour is, again, a common consumer product that can integrate many recipes. Starting with pasta and pancakes.