Reminder of cakes and pound cakes: the 6 products to bring back to the store


Do you like to enjoy a hearty slice of four-quarters for afternoon tea? You are certainly not alone. But be careful: this week, a Breton pastry shop is recalling several products in store. They could contain metallic foreign bodies, and therefore, are potentially dangerous and unsuitable for consumption.

“Due to the risk of injury / adverse effects following the ingestion of this product, as a precaution it is recommended that people who hold products belonging to the batch (s) described above not to consume”, explains the site Rappel Conso.

The procedure to follow, if you have one of the offending cakes or pound cakes, is very simple: just bring the product back to the store.

You will be able to benefit from a refund until Monday, October 3, 2022.

If you have any questions about this recall procedure, you can also reach the contact number below: 08 00 00 91 80.

La Trinitaine, the Breton biscuit factory which manufactures the products concerned, also recalls on its site that there is “no risk for the other products of this brand”:

The pound cakes and cakes concerned were sold in several Breton pastry shops, biscuit factories and bakeries. They have been on the market there since mid-June, and their minimum durability dates run until November: so check the contents of your cupboards, the product could be there.

In our slideshow, discover all the lots that you have to bring back to the store.