Each day is enough for its reminder. Listeria monocytogenes, E. Coli, foreign bodies… There are many reasons that lead a supermarket to withdraw certain products from their shelves.

The Intermarché brand is no exception to the rule, since six products marketed in its stores are currently subject to a recall for various reasons. Discover the full list of affected foodstuffs in our slideshow below.

On the non-food side, Dream Beams soft toys, sold at Intermarché, must also be returned to the point of sale. The cause ? Fragility at the seams, allowing young children to remove the stuffed animal stuffing causing a risk of ingestion.

“If you have purchased this product, we thank you for not using it and bringing it back to this store where it will be refunded to you. We apologize for the inconvenience caused”, specifies the sign. Here is the list of stuffed animals affected:

For the stuffed animals as for the food presented in the slideshow below, bringing the product back to the store is generally enough to obtain a refund. Go to the point of sale before the end date of the recall procedure to receive your compensation.

If you have already consumed the recalled product, monitor the development of possible symptoms such as headaches, fever, body aches, vomiting… And consult your doctor if in doubt, without forgetting to inform him of the risky drinking.