Remco Evenepoel together with Oumi


Remco Evenepoel and his daughter Oumaïma Rayane again, a couple of. At the beginning of August, the two apart, but they continued to be friends with each other and keep in touch. It took the marital breakdown between the two, not even three months old.

Yesterday, we had to Remco Evenepoel just for a moment, his profile picture on Instagram. He’s, you know, again, the picture is from last year, when he was a double world champion in the juniors, but that’s topwielrenner, indirectly, indicated that he was again with the Oumi’s. “It is true that we are once again together. I’m happy about that. And for the rest I have no comment on that. It is well known that we are able to re-join, but no more and no less.”
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