Remarkable consequences of the Experiment before Twitter and Facebook vorMan’s the point: Someone is tweeting exactly the Same as Donald Trump and is locked, while the U.S. President can get away with it. Unthinkable? By no means, as the Social Media Experiment of American shows.Mathias Möller7 Kommentare7Twitter of the most popular communication channel of the US President is. His Tweets often trigger violent reactions.Photo: Keystone

U.S. President Trump the short message service Twitter loves, is well known. He moves there, like the boundaries of decency and good taste, also. But until recently, he was through with it, although his behavior on Twitter is his opponents long been a thorn in the eye.

again and again bemoans the fact that normal Twitter suspended a user for Trumps Tweets for ages, or even locked, would have been, let him but grant. Is that true? There is only one way to find out, probably thought the Twitterer Bizarre Lazar and created @SuspendThePres. With this account he is tweeting is literally the same as Donald Trump. With remarkable consequences.

First block after only two days,

the Experiment started, we call it here, Lazar, the 30. May, and already on 1. June, it was Twitter the first warning. The Tweet with the phrase “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”, which earned even Trump’s criticism, had to delete Lazar, in addition, @SuspendThePres was blocked for twelve hours. The Justification: The Glorification Of Violence.

Even for the US President of the Tweet consequences had reduced considerably. The Tweet was first hidden (as the first Tweet of the President at all) and with a note attached. He was, however, after clicking continue to read. In the meantime, he is provided with a note, but not hidden.

It is currently the only locking, the @SuspendThePres has provoked.

On 4. June expanded Lazar his Experiment on Facebook to see how the second Social Media giant is dealing with the provocative content. And lo and behold, the same Text that brought him to Twitter, the short-lock, stays on Facebook for the time being, although he has reported him.

After a week, last Thursday, signed up Facebook and deleted the Post. Has not been revoked, the Facebook Page, Lazar was merely a warning. In a further violation of 24-hour lock threatens.

And here it is spicy and absurd in equal measure: Trump had posted the same Text on Facebook, without any consequence. After media had reported about the warning Lazars on Facebook, back rowed the platform operator, and switched the question Post again. In the case of the deletion error is to run under. More detailed information on the operation Facebook made.

Twitter measures with two measure – officially

Whether a lock on Twitter in two weeks is now a lot or not, about argue. Against the Background of the fact that Donald Trump makes since the inauguration of the headlines with his Tweets, the rapid “success” of the trial of Lazar thoughtful. Many see the burden of proof that Twitter is measuring with two standards.

the company does this in fact, may not know many. It has formulated its principles in dealing with the “world leaders” in October 2019. There, it means that Tweets which violate Twitter rules, can remain standing, if there is a public interest. Twitter itself does not go in the examination of a tweet to all sorts of interpretations or intentions of the text. After all, the company writes: The “world leaders” are totally over the Twitter rules (but in fact something, as the sentence implies: “[…] the accounts of world leaders are not above our policies entirely” [highlighting from Twitter]).

And what the Initiator is saying? Lazar summarizes it this way: for Twitter, the situation was not easy, he personally does not believe it is right to delete such Tweets, because it allows for a discourse about it. He sees in trump’s Tweets, the ability to see what’s in the President in front of him.

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