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What’s always may about this video game say, first of all, read this: It is a monumental narrative It is told from the Flicker on the Steppe, and of the red earth of the southern States, by the camp fire, and of the glowing sun. It is told from the turret as the revealer of the last truth, of the brutalization of the people, from death and from the universe, everything is relative don’t give a shit. And it is told from the “Hyah, Ho, Whoa”, the three sound of all the Western heroes, because horseback riding is also. May be you will be shot also. In Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2), the super blockbuster of Rockstar Games, life as no more than a trembling Tentativeness.

This game is from bandits, Arthur Morgan, a decency-less Decent, the travels plundering, firing, and rampage through North America. Morgan belongs to the Van der Linde gang, a community of lawless women and men, led by a guy named Dutch, a prophet with a silver tongue, the promises all the promises of riches, they remain faithful to it. The year is 1899: The wild West is not so wild, but the blood trail of the gang runs through the country.

RDR2, I must say, is exceptionally violent. Once you have entered this game, you do not know early: Charles Bronson’s harmonica falls silent for a long time here, and until you see the end credits, pass the days with gunshot wounds, if not weeks. And as long as you have to take with this Arthur Morgan do to a rampage of stunning topography, which is to combine all the peculiarities of North America, and by moving future free: of a rampage, pretty much, quite a long time, and it is often quite lonely. During one of these rides, you can ask, by the way, which is why the so-called Binge-Watching of TV series is considered to be active participation in the cultural life, which is, perhaps, gone a little out of hand – Sink in video games but as a waste of Time.

A game like a Great American Novel

Because in the extravagant stories of RDR2, you not only have the feeling to be in a Great American Novel in. It is also with guns blazing in front of the anatomy of the Western genre, the game is so that his reverence, with References to iñárritu’s The Revenant as well as Jarmusch’s Dead Man and the rice-and-beans-romance of the spaghetti Western. Many of these spirits conjured up already in the first part of the game series (2010), tells the RDR2 in detail the history of.

The figure of Arthur Morgan appears to us as a gunslinger, saying, in the heart dear “Howdy, Partner” as a “The city is too small for the both of us”. Its leader is Dutch, he is on queer kind of like Starbuck in the Melville’s Moby Dick, Ahab in the darkness. This way, you have to take with the gang missions in which the main story of the game is driven, is branched further and further. The gang becomes entangled in the always-delusional fun ideas, Zugüberfälle, Horse thefts, marked poker games, sometimes they end up in suicide missions against overwhelming odds-to-head money hunters. After the last robbery and the last robbery, after the last robbery. It is again Morning, again evening, then the night to bulge. It is dark as ink.