The Brexit vote in the British Parliament, the recent recovery in the German stock market to a severe test. On Tuesday, British MPs are to vote on the European Union (EU) negotiated exit agreement from the Prime Minister Theresa May – the outcome uncertain. In this respect, the German Dax, the new week could be subject to, depending on the result of the vote – again violent fluctuations.

last week, the German benchmark index, the Dax, had been able to save despite some minor setbacks, overall, a Plus of a little more than one percent in the shortened trading week to start off the year it had dropped by almost two percent.

Meanwhile, the chances of a majority for the agreement have not risen since May had moved the vote in December. To much resistance not only in the Opposition, but also in Mays conservative party and their allies from the Northern Irish DUP. Currently, a shift of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, according to information from the “Evening Standard” is increasingly likely. Several state secretaries from the government of Theresa May had expressed this sentiment to the newspaper, it said. So far, the Brexit for the 29. March provided.

in view of these uncertainties, the analysts of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg expect that the stock market could continue to fluctuate significantly, especially since the risk issues from the previous year, dominated the atmosphere. Around Brexit, trade dispute and Central banks but are not excluded also positive Surprises: An Exit from a Brexit, an amicable agreement between China and America, as well as a slightly looser monetary policy “could make a conflict situation, the sounds in this combination, although according to the wishlist, but not entirely impossible.”

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Confident there is also market strategist Markus clean wall of the Landesbank Helaba. “As a good Omen for 2019, the positive Start can be seen in the new year.” Much more important than such statistical considerations, the assessment of the situation: “for a Long time we had mentioned in addition to the Serenity of the investors, the high rating as a mortgage for the share. The correction of recent months has improved the situation significantly.“

America’s banks take stock

Despite the recent gains in the stock market, the strategists of the banks, HSBC and Societe Generale are more careful. “Remain defensive,” he advised HSBC expert Volker Borghoff. “We are in a major downturn.” Investors should bet against this Background, the stock selection more on non-cyclical growth and dividend strength.

Robert Greil, the chief strategist for the private Bank Merck Finck, is similarly skeptical and believes that the current recovery in the stock markets for a temporary phenomenon: “The weaker economic data and profit trends of the company, will continue to weigh on the equity markets likely to continue.”