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resim 150

(Montreal) Seven weeks after the start of its activities, the BIXI self-service bicycle system is delighted with the strong traffic its service has enjoyed so far: 36% increase compared to last year, which constitutes a record.

Since the start of the season on April 13, the company says it has had results that it considers “exceptional” so far. Especially since it enjoys a 43% increase in its clientele since last year, another number that ranks at the top of its charts.

“[The record] of which BIXI is most proud, and will always be the most proud, is its number of trips, its ridership, says Mr. Marier. This is what determines viability. The use of the network testifies to the quality of its other records that we have beaten. […] This is how we look at the operational strength and popularity of the BIXI bike in the greater Montreal area. »

According to Marier, bike sharing is clearly on the rise in many major cities around the world, making it a growing industry. The popularity and accessibility of cycling is also growing, across the city.

To ensure that it can meet the demand of its users, BIXI has taken the necessary steps to make the use of its services more appropriate: more drop-off stations across the city, more bicycles and an upgrade of its equipment, with the aim of promoting its use.

Another major strike force for BIXI is the introduction of its electric bicycles, which will see their number increase this year. The City of Montreal must receive 414 throughout the summer, which must be made available to the public as they are received. Mr. Marier indicates that these bikes make it possible to reach users who are often a little further from the metropolis. These will be fixed at a cost of 13 cents per minute.

Also new this year: BIXI will not cease operations in the fall, and will now operate year-round. Since its launch in 2009, the service used to be interrupted from November to April, before resuming in the spring.