A Chinese woman, 67, is on Friday gave birth to a daughter, naturally conceived, was. Thus, get powdery, they have the previous world record, which is the name of a briton who is 59, was when she became a mother.

Mrs. Chang, a 67-year-old woman in the Eastern Chinese province of Shandong province, gave birth on Friday to a hospital in Zaozhuang, after an emergency c-section to a baby girl. According to her, the husband, the 68-year-old Huang was the baby planned, but “sent from heaven”. Therefore, it was given to the girl, ” that is, at birth, a 2.6-kilogram weight, in the name of Tianci (loosely translated as “gift of God”).

Chang is a retired nurse. She and her husband had one son and one daughter, and several grandchildren, the oldest of which are over 18 years of age.


for example, If you receive the confirmation that Chang in a natural way, pregnant as it was, she set a new record of eight years of sharpening. That was the name of a British woman who, in 1997, in a natural way, the pregnant, and the child in the world to put on when she was 59-years-old.

in The world of pregnancy is with the help of medical science, in the name of the Indian Erramatti Mangayamma. the . She gave birth less than a month ago, and after a course of ivf treatment, in her 74th of a pair of twins.

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