Record attempt on the day of Pentecost – In 48 hours, 25 times around the world to run in the virtual “OneMillionRun” to runners from all over Switzerland to collect a Million kilometres, no matter where.Jörg Greb0 comment sports Stars to motivate them to participate in the “OneMillionRun”.Video: data sports via Youtube

remarkable number of people in Switzerland were in the last three months constantly on the road. But something eyes lacked probable: the competitions with their emotions and the experience of community.

On the Whitsun week-end now to change. A broad Alliance under the leadership of the “world class Zurich,” the Sport-IT service provider, data sports, the sports video specialists iRewind, as well as the Swiss sports aid wants to put up with the “start” command to the “OneMillionRun” a happy ending, after long weeks and months.

In the Know about running events, even after the recent relaxations by the Wednesday for the usual feelings to be able to keep their exciting and ambitious, the approach of the virtual event is still, The whole of Switzerland can help within 48 hours, a minimum of one Million kilometers will be laid. A charming Poster for each and every.

Everyone can participate at home

see the Dimension of this Ambition, it needs no math skills. A Million kilometers is almost exactly equivalent to 25 times around the world. Many, very many are so inspiring and your contribution: for example, 100’000, which run an average of 10 km, walking, Jogging, or walking, or 200’000 to complete a 5-km route.

It is understood that by Friday night, 24 hours, to Sunday night, 24 hours, for the success of significantly more the running shoes need to lace up than, for example, at the largest spring run of Switzerland, the GP of Bern. In 2019, the classic was recorded just over 32’000 Classified that travelled together around 260’000 km.

Many well-known figures from the Swiss sports scene sichtert your participation already in the Wake of Olympic champion Nicola Spirig, …photo: keystone mountain bike Olympic champion, Nino Schurter, …photo: or Ex-skier and Olympic champion Dominique Gisin.Photo: Keystone1 / 8

As the “OneMillionRun to succeed”? The idea is simple: to be Decentralized, at home, individually on the run, alone, in small groups, exercising a discretion with respect to distance and topography. For the participation of no Tracking App is necessary, it is enough to register on for free and the mileage to be entered. Through the common goal of a sense of community to arise.

your contribution to sports Minister Viola Amherd has pledged already – in addition to numerous top athletes, led by Olympic winners Nicola Spirig, Nino Schurter, Dominique Gisin, but also of idols as world-class handball player Andy Schmid, OL-world champion Daniel Hubmann, wheelchair Marathon-Shot Manuela Schär, or the Biathlon Olympic silver medalist Selina Gasparin.

an idea occurred to the “dinner”

the greater the number of kilometres travelled, the more the sport and the young Swiss benefits. Thanks to sponsors, partners and donors. The surprising Background of the Initiative: The idea comes directly from the running scene. Leila Soravia Bachofner, psychology Professor and wife of the CEO of the analysis of provider data sport, she had a good night to eat in autumn: originally, as a Climate Run.

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