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In Aalbeke is a reconstruction of the murder of Jill Himpe (36) 13: 30 start. Her ex-boyfriend Ridoan D. (39), it will show how he will on Tuesday, on a strip along the Moeskroensesteenweg the woman in her, the Peugeot 308 is attacked, and then to have the kind of life. In order to have the reconstruction at the timber Vandecasteele to protect it from observing eyes were black fences around the parking lot and put it where the scene took place.

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finally, Something for the 13: 30 was a blinded, Volkswagen may be the culprit to the board along the fence to the inside. Long before he became a lawyer, Thomas Vandemeulebroucke also. The lab started out with a station wagon, a knife, and pick up that O was supposed to show how he used to Pick on in the throat, oversneed. After that, it will go to Wevelgem to be taken in order to show how the O in the body of the car, dragged it and into the kitchen, laid on.

The Moeskroensesteenweg in Aalbeke, it is still open to the flow of traffic. The police and the criminal investigation department, which in large numbers has come up, and let the passers-by turn to pass through.

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