For breakfast, dinner or a snack, cottage cheese is a must in many kitchens. Provided you choose it well! In the fresh section of the supermarket, you will find several types of cottage cheese: petit-suisses, country cottage cheeses, cottage cheese or even smooth cottage cheeses. There is something for every taste !

Before going to checkout, Le Journal des Femmes recommends opting for a product preferably without sugar or fat. “A cottage cheese with a little fat can quickly become caloric when it is flavored”, however warns the magazine.

Once you have brought it home, head to the refrigerator where you will take care to turn the pot upside down to prevent the cottage cheese from spoiling too quickly.

Another precaution to take, and this with all the foods you buy… Check that they are not on the list of recalled products. As indicated by the site rappel.conso.gouv, a batch of fromage blanc must be brought back to the store because it could contain the bacterium Escherichia coli (E. coli). This is a La Ferme De La Sablonnière brand product, marketed between May 18 and May 22, 2022, in a 500 gram plastic jar. Here is the reference to know if you have purchased the potentially contaminated product:

In our slideshow below, discover all the points of sale where the fromage blanc in question has been offered for sale.