Recall of chocolate bars: all affected lots


Are you chocophile? Does sweet black gold still have a place in your pantry? Then your supplies may be in danger! Indeed, chocolate bars from the Castelain brand are the subject of a voluntary recall throughout France. This product had been put on sale in Castelain distributors. It will therefore be necessary to check in your pantry that it does not contain corrupt tablets… If this is the case, eliminate the intruder by bringing it to the nearest distributor branch. You will then be eligible for a refund!

The cause of the recall? Too much sugar. Strange, you are certainly saying to yourself: chocolate, a priori, contains sugar, and not just a little! This is where the special nature of the chocolate bars at issue here comes in. It is chocolate called “with maltitol”… that is to say without sugar!

Indeed, this chocolate is specifically designed for individuals who want to restrict their sugar intake by choice, or even for people with diabetes. The fact that it actually contains sugar could therefore be very dangerous! Even if the people concerned generally monitor their blood sugar levels during the day, an unexpected intake of sugar can have dramatic consequences, as attested by our colleagues from Medisite.

If you are not diabetic or sugar intolerant, and you may have bought this maltitol chocolate by mistake, you can still consume it despite the reminder. Be careful, however, not to serve it as dessert to the next diabetic who comes to dine with you!

So here is the reference to identify:

Castelin dark chocolate with maltitol

The use-by dates as well as the batches concerned vary, so you can find them all below.