In recent times, several types of cheese have been subject to recalls in various French territories. Cheese has been part of the diet of human civilization for a long time: people were already making it in the Neolithic era. According to our colleagues from Geo, they had developed several different recipes corresponding to as many types of cheese.

These observations were made from analyzes of pottery elements dating from this period. They have made it possible to identify the different milks used in the manufacture of these cheeses from another millennium. 3,000 years before our era, we could therefore already consume cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s cheese.

The cheeses concerned are all, without exception, recalled due to detection or risk of the presence of listeria monocytogenes within them. This bacterium is the cause of listeriosis, an infectious disease that can have very serious consequences on infected people. The most common symptoms are similar to those of acute food poisoning, but can lead to death in immunocompromised or pregnant people.

It is therefore imperative to identify them as soon as possible and get rid of them if they have interfered in your kitchen. Contaminated items should be returned to the store in order to be eligible for a refund from the store concerned. Here are the territories where these recalls apply:

Find below all the references of contaminated cheeses, according to Rappel-Conso.