End clap for the mythical series of France Télévisions. After more than 18 years on the air, the fiction Plus belle la vie will definitely bow out on Friday November 18. With the end of fiction – following “a change in viewer expectations” and “the consumption of programs” can we read in a press release – viewers will bid farewell to many actors revealed thanks to the series.

The actress Rebecca Hampton, who had played the role of Céline Frémont since 2004, confided in LCI on Sunday November 13, 2022. “It was a very beautiful experience or slice of life. We had feedback from viewers so full of love. Even now they’re a bit sad, so it’s a bit hard to deal with,” she said.

At the microphone of Christophe Beaugrand and Anne-Chloé Bottet, she did not hesitate to talk about her intimacy and in particular her cosmetic surgery operation. “I just had my breasts redone. It was a big worry for me. I lost 22 kg after the birth of my daughter, I lost my chest, I held on for three, four years, saying to myself, ‘No, it’s fine’. In the end, I did the operation not for me but for the work, so that the clothes fell well on me”, she explained.

A breast surgery that was not easy to “integrate”. “There is not a single day when I do not tell myself that I have fake breasts. I have not integrated it at all. So I tell myself that surgery ‘yes’ but take it easy, because if I take five years to integrate things, it’s complicated”, she declared and to add: “Now if I do something, it will be for me. This is the advice I want to give to everyone: you have to do surgery if you feel the need and if you have the means, but for yourself”.