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Her name and her face marked millions of viewers. In 2003, Olivier Siroux was revealed to the general public in the first season of The Bachelor, the single gentleman on M6. A reality TV show presented at the time by a certain Stéphane Rotenberg, the entrepreneur was looking for true love.

Courted by about twenty lovely suitors, ready to do anything to win his heart, Olivier had the difficult task of choosing his favorites by offering them a red rose at each elimination ceremony. After several weeks of adventure, the Don Juan had chosen to leave with the beautiful Alexandra Coulet.

After a year of romance, the two lovebirds had made the choice to separate. Since retired from reality TV, has Olivier Siroux finally found love? What did he become ? In August 2019, the former single gentleman returned to our screens on the show It starts today.

Interviewed by Faustine Bollaert, the businessman specializing in the installation of windows (Ecoglass) testified to his television experience. “Leaving the Bachelor, I was hallucinated, I did not think it was going to take this magnitude,” he confessed to this media madness. “I hid a bit, I remember that the first week I went shopping, I hid in the aisles. I was recognized and suddenly, I changed ray”.

If the fans stare at him much less in the street, the 50-year-old entrepreneur has since found the woman of his life Aurélia. Today, they are parents of two boys. “I didn’t feel like it was him. Already, I prefer the way he is today. I’m not even sure that I could have fallen in love with him at the time”, confessed his wife on France 2.

Emma Daumas, whose real name is Manuelle, was one of the sensations of Star Academy in 2002. Discovered at the age of 18 in the second season of telecrochet on TF1, the pretty blonde with the look of Lolita gave voice at each of his performances. The opportunity to shine alongside stars like Johnny Hallyday, Celine Dion or even Ray Charles and Mariah Carey.

Eliminated in the semi-final against Nolwenn Leroy, the young artist had a great musical career. With her first album Le saut de l’ange, carried by the pop rock hit Tu seras, the former academician is experiencing real success in stores. Distinguished as a French-speaking revelation at the NRJ Music Awards in 2005, she continues with a major tour throughout France.

After having published five other albums (with more or less success), Emma Daumas takes a step back and withdraws from the media scene. The opportunity for the artist to start writing with the publication of her book Supernova in 2016. On the private side, the 36-year-old singer is the mother of a little girl named Valentine (born in February 2013) and of a little Anthony (born in September 2019). Next November, the singer-songwriter will publish her album L’art des naufrages, from which the single Les Jeunes Filles En Fleurs is taken.

A true UFO in season 2 of Popstars, Bruno Vandelli was part of the jury of professionals looking for a new group of artists. The dancer-choreographer notably distinguished himself in a memorable sequence where he proudly announces to Valéry Zeitoun, producer and member of the jury, the name of the future quartet: “Quadricolor! Because there are four primary colors”. Of course… or almost!

If the new group will ultimately be called WhatFor, Bruno Vandelli made an impression with this line. After a remarkable appearance in Fort Boyard, he resumed his activities on the Côte d’Azur and worked for various artistic projects. The 59-year-old from Cannes has mainly collaborated for Eurovision and several artist tours.

On the heart side, Bruno Vandelli has been married since 2014 with his companion Jess Bourgeois, also a dancer. “I’m married, I’m very proud of my husband. We share our passion. We’re an authentic, true, sincere couple. I don’t see how I would be embarrassed to assume that. It’s the nature of things. I love my husband“, he confided to Purepeople. But, today, the couple would have divorced.

In July 2002, TF1 broadcast the sulphurous program The Island of Temptation in the second part of the evening. In this show where several couples come to test their love on an island, they must resist the temptation by cohabiting (girls and boys separated) with single people ready to do anything to seduce them.

Among the voluntary couples, we discover Brandon and Diana who both work in the night world. Very much in love, they nevertheless lived a tumultuous adventure under the sun of Thailand. Separated from her spouse after the show, Diana preferred to continue her solo journey.

On the occasion of ten years of reality TV in France, Diana Jones made a sensational comeback in 2011, participating in the first season of the Angels of reality TV in Los Angeles on NRJ12. Chaining appearances in the following edition in Miami, then in Les vacances de Anges, and La maison du Bluff, the candidate withdrew from the world of TV.

In parallel with her TV appearances, Brandon’s ex-darling has published a book entitled Forbidden to men, as well as a single Love or sex as indicated by Télé Star. Today, the fifties (Nadia Lalej of her real name) is very discreet on social networks.

He was one of the stars of the first reality TV program broadcast on a national channel in France. In 2001, Fabrice participated in Loft Story on M6, with other lofters like Loana and Jean-Edouard. Eliminated at the gates of the final, he still found love with Laure, finalist of this emblematic season.

Withdrawn from the world of reality TV, Fabrice Béguin (civil status), however, mismanaged this return to anonymity. As he explained on the set of This is my choice. “We land when notoriety fades,” admits the ex-lofter. “It’s very complicated. We find ourselves all alone. And we wonder if we have the courage to return to a normal life”.

Faced with Évelyne Thomas, Fabrice tells how he managed to rebuild himself. “I went to a town far from everything, in the department of Ain. It allowed me to recharge my batteries, review my priorities and resume a much more normal life. I was able to determine what I wanted and what I didn’t want”. Very satisfied with his new life away from the cameras, the 48-year-old man is now an entrepreneur and manager of TPE, owner of two water parks in the Lyon region.