Would you be willing to live near a cemetery? According to a recent survey by the SeLoger site, (YouGov (Omnibus) online study from October 13 to 16 with 1,003 people), 54% of French people do not plan to occupy housing that faces several graves.

What turns them off? The “sad” atmosphere, for 47% of them, and the symbolism of death, for 34%.

However, buying a property near a cemetery can be very profitable, for several reasons. First of all, the price, which is generally attractive, even in large cities.

“You necessarily have a discount, of around 5%, sometimes 8%, on properties overlooking a cemetery”, explains Franck Fargerelle, advisor and general secretary at Cheval Blanc Patrimoine.

Another advantage: “there is no noise”, notes the expert. The argument of calm is also put forward by 52% of SeLoger respondents who would not mind settling near a cemetery. The “unobstructed view” also appeals to 22%.

“We also know that there will be no construction of a 10-storey building at this location, for example, and that we will be able to enjoy a view of a flower garden all the time”, adds Franck Fargerelle.

Above all, continues the adviser, these accommodations are guaranteed to find a buyer, whether you want to rent them or resell them.

“If apartments with a view of the cemetery weren’t selling or renting, they wouldn’t have tenants or owners. It’s like with apartments on the ground floor, people don’t want them. , but it sells! Everything has a price”.

The investment, however, is worth considering. According to the wealth management advisor, several factors must be taken into account before setting your sights on a property near the tombstones.

In the vicinity of certain necropolises, moreover, prices even tend to soar.

The area of ​​the property can also be decisive. “With a budget of 1000 euros, between a 60m2 with a view of a car park, and a 70m2 with a view of a cemetery, there is enough to take the biggest!”, Advances Franck Fargerelle.

For him, you should not be afraid to invest near cemeteries… Except, for reasons that have nothing to do with money.

“It can be a very good investment, depending on the placement and the price, with a good discount and the opportunity not to lose money on resale. But the question that arises is the relationship to everyone’s death. Will it bother us?”, sums up the heritage expert.