Hardly a figure of speech is trying in Berlin as often as those that the Living is the social question of the present. Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has begun, since the wording in the Cabinet and in the groups in turn. Who wants to do something for the much-cited middle-class, promises to be their more “affordable” housing.

But what exactly is actually affordable? The 6.50 euros, cold rent per square meter, requiring a lot of cities in subsidised housing, certainly. The 18 Euro with which tenants are faced with the end of currently in Munich. In between, however, is a lot of room for interpretations.

What many citizens are forgotten in the heated debate, like: Not only the Rent rose sharply, but also the wages. Many workers can afford to pay for lush collective bargaining agreements or individual content, conversations, thank, today, more living space than a few years ago.

Clear, however, that anyone Who is not in that good negotiating position, for it is in the big cities, always close. This development in 2019 will be to stop one of the most pressing political tasks.