The parliamentary channel has been achieving audience scores worthy of historical French channels for several months. These scores are explained by the fact that France is suspended from the results of the debates of the National Assembly and the Senate on the pension reform. The controversial bill brought by the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, and the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, does not convince the French. March 16 was the point of no return for the government. Elisabeth Borne applied article 49.3 of the Constitution once again and France was set ablaze.

The next day, the unions announced a general mobilization movement to show their dissatisfaction with this reform. Everywhere in France, the French are mobilizing and decide to blockade the country. The use of 49.3 does not pass with the population and for more than a month now, it is almost a million people in the streets each day of mobilization. Something to remember the historical gatherings that have taken place in the past.

Yesterday, Monday March 27, Emmanuel Macron gathered the Prime Minister and the leaders of the political parties forming his Renaissance group at the Elysée. He received them in his office to plan the continuation of the presidential strategy in the face of the mobilizations taking place everywhere in France. Here is what he said: