Man Charged with First-Degree Murder in Rankin Inlet

A 43-year-old man is facing charges of first-degree murder in Rankin Inlet following a “suspicious” death that occurred last Friday, according to the RCMP. The victim’s identity has not been disclosed by the police, including their age, sex, or cause of death.

The incident prompted a shelter-in-place advisory for residents as law enforcement conducted a search for an armed individual. The RCMP announced the charges on Monday afternoon but did not reveal further details about the case.

After discovering a body at 1 a.m. on Friday, officers deemed the death to be of a suspicious nature and initiated a search for a suspect. Residents were urged to remain indoors during the investigation, with specific instructions to avoid the area near the firing range.

The suspect, identified as Jack Ekwalak, was eventually located near the firing range and apprehended after a negotiation process involving RCMP crisis negotiators. The individual surrendered to authorities without resistance at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Friday.

In response to the traumatic events, mental health outreach services were made available to residents at the Sinik Hotel, offering support and counseling for those in need of assistance. Phone numbers for additional counseling resources were also provided for the community members affected by the incident.