If it often encumbers us, small change is very useful on a daily basis. Even better, it can sometimes be worth a fortune! Indeed, coin collectors may be looking for the coins hiding in the creases of your sofa or under the carpet of your car! Naturally, there is no point in fooling ourselves: numismatists are mainly looking for old and unusual coins, such as certain francs, louis d’or and other coins which have disappeared from circulation today. However, your pennies and your euros can also bring you a little savings!

In our slideshow below, discover the 35 one euro coins that are most valuable to numismatists, with a price generally between 1.50 and 50 euros. It would be a shame to exchange them for a baguette or an hour’s parking in a car park, wouldn’t it?

On the contrary, the majority of one euro coins are not sought after by collectors, as they are too common. Here are the ones you don’t need to keep:

Attention: this does not concern commemorative coins which generally have a particular argus. If in doubt, prefer to turn to a currency specialist who will be able to inform you about the rating of your coin.