Rare currency: 35 2-euro coins that are worth more than their face value


If you are used to paying in cash and your wallet is therefore regularly filled with coins, be careful! Indeed, some coins, in particular the 2 euro coins, sell for more than their bank value for collectors. There are several types of 2 euro coins that can sell for a small fortune. Coins from certain countries and certain years, detailed in the slideshow below, but also commemorative coins, which have therefore been produced for a special occasion.

Whether a certain coin is worth or not is obviously highly dependent on its availability: the rarer a coin is, the more it will be worth. Commemorative coins, for example, are only minted in a fairly limited number of copies, hence their above-average value.

Some parts have manufacturing defects. They are, by definition, very rare, and therefore can sell for 5-10 times more than their original value! Some types of defects occur more often than others: two identical faces, double struck coins, or an abnormal coin flank are very recognizable examples.

However, there is no official rating for parts with one or more defects, as they should never have existed! Their resale price will therefore depend a lot on the interest of a potential buyer in the piece. Also beware of scams, some scammers make fake parts with defects in the hope of selling them at a very high price, especially on the internet.

Find below all the 2 euro coins that you could resell by making a profit according to Info Collection.