A 29 cm blonde figurine that marked the childhood of more than one generation: Barbie. In 60 years, the Mattel doll has established itself as a must in the toy department of your supermarket… And has conquered the hearts of certain collectors, sometimes ready to pay several tens, several hundreds, even several thousand euros to acquire the rarest models.

As the specialized site Info Collection points out, the majority of editions, and especially the most recent ones, have a modest value. Others, however, can bring you a small fortune… Provided you know how to recognize them. Three dolls stand out for their uniqueness:

Planet also went on a hunt for barbie doll values ​​on eBay, and found five models that retail for $50 or more. Find them in our slideshow below.

To recognize a valuable Barbie doll, there are three steps to follow. Here they are :