Short-time working and Corona-loans – Rapid Swiss economic help for top place, according to a study by the Adecco-Economists, the crisis management of the Federal government in comparison with other Countries in the very front. The economic Outlook in Switzerland, even better than in Sweden.5 Kommentare5Ein waiter disinfected after re-opening a table in a Restaurant in Lausanne.Photo: Laurent Gillieron/Keystone

The Corona-crisis management of the Federal Council, gets relatively good grades, what affects the economy and the labour market instruments. “Switzerland is so far a success story”, according to a study by the staffing company Adecco Group, which has compared the measures of twelve countries to the economic management of the Pandemic sequences.

the Switzerland, although a relatively high number per capita, the Adecco Economists. Nevertheless, the economic prospects were relatively subdued to date, little strong.

In the rank list, say, on the Basis of growth forecasts, the labour market forecasts, stock market trends and sentiment indicators was cut off, Switzerland is even better than Sweden. The Scandinavian country is known to have dispensed with an actual Lockdown.

place distance Germany follows with some of that. Spain and great Britain bring up the rear in the ranking.

quick help

the author of the Study, Bettina Schaller, the comparatively good performance of Switzerland can be explained with different points. “In no other country the money came in so rapidly in the company and employees,” she says about.

The country was able to build on the functioning of unemployment insurance and short-time work system. In addition, the financial sector had been brought on Board. And because this is digital is well-positioned to be the money within arrived hours at the companies. Equally efficiently, the contributions to the compensation funds of the employees flowed.

In other countries, however, have until now still no money paid out, so Schaller. In the UK, for example, had been announced recently, that the most Affected would receive assistance until June. “And in the USA, the funds are still distributed by Post and by Cheques.”

Large sums of

the sheer Size of the support have also Helped. So Switzerland have a relatively high percentage of gross domestic product – a big part of it via short-time work compensation. In the UK, on the other hand, this Stimulus had not been even half as large.

“in General, countries seem to have especially good prospects, if the employees remain in the work process,” says Schaller. This is also an explanation for the good performance of Sweden. By contrast, the United Kingdom and also the USA would for this reason be a cause for concern.

Schaller emphasized, however, that it was in the study, a provisionally valid consideration. “It is crucial for further development will be how the consumer will change the mood in the next few months.” In this context, it was also critical of how quickly normality month stint.

of money in

And the question was, how long the States might support maintain get. In part, this is limited by law. And some countries would now because of their financial situation at the borders.

“In France, for example, discussions are already underway, such as the money spent recouped can be,” says Schaller. It is possible that at the end of the company, the colliery would have to pay – with further negative consequences for the economy.

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