About two months after the alleged gang rape in Freiburg, the police arrested a tenth suspect. The 18-Year-old of no fixed abode was close to a community accommodation in Emmendingen discovered, such as the police and the Prosecutor’s office said on Thursday.

When he was shown a few hours later on Wednesday the judge, he jumped from a window on the second floor of the Freiburg district court. On the evening of the Algerians was arrested after an intensive manhunt on a street in Freiburg again. He had been police property and drug offenses, known, – stated in the message. Witnesses had given evidence on him.

A 18-Year-old had been raped in mid-October, according to investigators in Freiburg after a disco visit of at least ten men. Nine Suspects had already been detained eight Syrians in age from 18 to 29 years of age and a 25 year old German with no migration background sitting since then in custody. In the course of Thursday should still be a warrant for the arrest of the last detainees to be decided.