The richest people in the world have one thing in Common: they founded a company. This step makes Gutverdienern occasional multi-billionaires. Jeff Bezos, for example, worked for the New York-based hedge Fund D. E. Shaw, before he established the mid-nineties, the online retailer Amazon and it is a world group forged with currently several hundred thousand employees around the globe.

Bezos runs with a capacity of approximately 112 billion dollars, the billionaire rankings, the financial service Bloomberg calculated daily on the Basis of current exchange rate movements. This year, the 54-year-old entrepreneur has become, therefore, more than 13 billion dollars richer, which is much more in the course of the Amazon-share increase of 15 percent compared with the 1. January is: Bezos is not only Chairman of the Board, but at the same time, continues to be by far the most important Amazon shareholders. The share price will rise, he will be wealthy, at least on paper.

the founder of profit from a successful development of their ventures, so quickly, the opposite effect is, however, noticeable. On Mark Zuckerberg for example, who created the largest social network in the world, defeated the bitter loss Rate of the Facebook-share this year – he is, according to the Bloomberg Ranking is measured now in order to 23 billion dollars poorer than in the beginning of the year. Facebook, which this year is often in the headlines because of the affair to the British IT company Cambridge Analytica, or last, according to a report in the New York Times about dealing with user data.