The Deutsche Bahn has laid since the rail reform, beginning in 1994, nationwide, more than 5400 kilometres of its route network to a standstill. The response of transport state Secretary Enak Ferlemann to a request of the Greens, reported the “süddeutsche Zeitung”.

In operation are, therefore, still a good 33,000 kilometers. Thus, the Federal government had abandoned its own group in the past 25 years, about 16 percent of its entire network.

Rural areas

The Green-Chairman Anna Lena Baerbock criticized, rural regions would be suspended. Instead of expensive prestige projects and logistics projects on other continents, Deutsche Bahn needs to invest more in their core business, to transport people in Germany, cheaply, and reliably from A to B, said Baerbock of the newspaper. Crucial for the Transport of a wide range of was network rail in all regions of Germany.

writes The track, a track closure will only be considered if there are too few passengers or freight. For a route, the competent German Federal railway authority approved only if no other competitor is willing to operate the route.