Randy Gregory Challenges NFL and Broncos Over THC Fines in Landmark Lawsuit

Former Broncos defensive end, Randy Gregory, is taking a bold stand against the NFL and his former team, the Denver Broncos, over fines totaling more than $500,000 for THC use. Gregory, who suffers from social-anxiety disorder and PTSD, claims he needs THC to treat his disabilities. Despite his medical necessity, both the NFL and the Broncos denied his request for accommodation to consume Dronabinol, a synthetic form of cannabis, during non-work hours.

Gregory’s civil complaint alleges that he has been unfairly penalized for using THC to manage his disabilities, even though he is expected to play in every game, attend practice, media sessions, and fulfill his job responsibilities. The fines, which have accumulated since March 2023, have become a significant financial burden for Gregory, who argues that the league and the team have profited from his continued employment while restricting his medical treatment.

The lawsuit raises important questions about the rights of players with disabilities in professional sports and the obligations of employers to accommodate their needs. Gregory contends that the Broncos, as his employer, had a duty to provide reasonable accommodations under the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act, despite the league’s policies on controlled substances.

While the NFL and the Broncos may argue that the case should be resolved under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Gregory’s legal challenge could have far-reaching implications for the treatment of players with medical conditions in the league. As the lawsuit unfolds, the outcome will be closely watched by players, advocates, and sports enthusiasts alike, as it sheds light on the intersection of health, disability rights, and professional sports.