The warning strike of the trade Union EVG has laid the railway traffic in Germany on Monday largely paralyzed. The Deutsche Bahn has set the long-distance transport on Monday morning nationwide until probably 9 o’clock. Also then be more likely to have significant impairments.

Complete the S-Bahn-traffic in Frankfurt and Berlin, as well as the entire rail transport in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. What can do rail passengers?

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The information about cancellations can be found on the Internet pages of the web and will be updated constantly. Since it is a warning strike, there is currently no replacement schedules. Anyone who owns an Internet-capable mobile phone, you can also get information on your mobile at . The latest travel connections with real-time information is also available in the App DB Navigator and under

over the Phone it is info in the free Service Hotline of the track 08000/996633 . The number is selectable under (+49)1806 996633, where the providers apply specific fees. She is currently charged but very strong.

caution at railway stations: travel and speech centres are on strike.

A ride there is about BlaBlaCar starting at 7 euros and takes about just as long. The last Alternative is a Last-Minute flight, which can be in the short term, however, also very expensive.


is recommended to postpone travel if possible. Tickets for long-distance traffic remained valid until the next Sunday. Zugbindungen were also canceled on Tuesday.

Ticket reimburse

The web has made it possible to all travelers on the Kulanzweg, of the trip to withdraw and let the price free-of-charge refund. For online or via the App-booked tickets, there is a reimbursement form on the Internet.

the tickets, which were bought in a travel centre or Agency or the vending machine can only be in the travel centre or Agency refunded.

Still to work on time

workers that appear due to the train driver strikes late to work, can be legally reduced, even the salary. Because basically, the employee bears the directional risk – that is, he has to make sure to be on time at work.

to Be announced strikes in the media, would have to employee make independent arrangements to get to work on time. The compensation obligation of the employer for payment of wages not applicable until the employee takes up his work.