A brand new scam on the other end of the line. Beware the next time you pick up the phone: according to Current Woman, scammers are posing as marketers of a new radio station called “Super FM” accessible on the 98.5 frequency. Only here: this radio does not exist, and would even be attributed to the RTL channel in certain sectors.

After you have presented “Super FM”, the bad guys offer you many gifts in order to promote the radio: high-tech devices, textile fashion, decorative objects… Presents whose value is between 300 and 600 euros .

To get your winnings, you will be asked to contact the number 0973 421 156, which turns out to be surcharged. Then, these malicious people will manage to obtain your personal information by telephone, such as your name, your first name or your postal address.

Faced with such discourse, never agree to call back a telephone number, and report it by forwarding it by SMS to 33 700. This is a platform that fights against SMS and voice spam.

A radio station never calls a person at random by offering them gifts: “Be aware that no radio station conducts this kind of contest randomly. All the games organized by the radio stations allow listeners who contact the radio station to win” , recalls Current Woman.

If, in a hurry, you called the premium rate number, you will have to file a complaint for fraud against X in order to make a request for reimbursement from your mobile operator.