Racist representations – HBO “gone with The wind” takes the Offer of a streaming service provider wants to provide the classic movie with explanations of its historical context, before he is re-admitted to the program.45 Kommentare45Scarlett O’hara (Vivien Leigh) and Clark Gable in the legendary film “gone with The wind”.Photo: Keystone

The American streaming provider HBO max takes the classic film “gone with The wind” for the time being out of the program. The to Warner, the Media company wanted to put the Film for explanations of the racial prejudice and the problematic representation of slavery to the side, said a spokesman on Tuesday.

“He will be taken up with an explanation of its historical context and in distancing himself from the racist portrayals in the program again”, it was said, according to “Hollywood Reporter” in a Statement of the company.

“The wind” is gone with the wind released in 1939 and the story of the mistress, Scarlett O’hara is told in the U.S. southern States during the civil war. Even after the abolition of slavery, several African-American characters volunteer and loyal to Scarlett’s family, issues of slavery are not discussed in the classics.

screenwriter called HBO to

the First John Ridley, the screenwriter of the slave drama “12 Years a Slave” from HBO was challenged to take the love story out of the deal. “It is a Film that is widely used in the moments in which he ignored anyway and the Horror of slavery, some of the most painful Stereotypes about People of Color,” he wrote in the “Los Angeles Times”. “It worked the biggest talents in Hollywood of their time together, to glorify a history that was never.”

actress Hattie McDaniel had played in the Film a nanny, and in 1940 won the Oscar. At the ceremony she was not allowed to sit because of their dark skin color with the Rest of the team at a table, but had been banished to the back of the room.

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