Racism-debate – 130 complaints about racism-“Arena” the “Arena”-broadcast from last Friday night’s reaping for your Panel heavy criticism. Now the Ombudsman’s office, the SRG has already 130 complaints.Lorenzo Petrò48 Kommentare48Die Arena-show from 12. June under the Motto of racism.Screenshot SRFSandro Brotz led as usual by the “Arena”.SRF/Oscar AlessioNur comedian Kiko stand in front of one of the consoles.Screenshot SRF1 / 5

The “Arena”-broadcast “Now we’re talking Black”, last Friday, caused a Social media for many discussions. Moderator Sandro Brotz has been criticized for the choice of its guests, as well as the way of the panel greatly. Point of criticism was that three of the four main guests were White. In the face of this severe criticism of a Moderator, Sandro Brotz announced on Twitter a second shipment on the topic of racism.

130 complaints received

However, the SRG office of the Ombudsman has to do because the shipment is already all hands full. So for the “Arena”-broadcast around 130 complaints. Esther Girsberger, Co-head of the office of the Ombudsman SRG for German-speaking Switzerland, says: “Among the complaints, many of the “concerted, but”. There were online calls, a complaint to submit.” The contents of the corresponding complaints of the same accordingly.

Girsberger expects that in the course of the week, more complaints will follow. The contents of the Ombudsman’s office will speak publicly only after the beans Tander on the inside and beans Tander received the final report. Then the evaluation of the consignment success also.

Ganser-“Arena” of previous record

The previous record of complaints received because of the “Arena”-broadcast “Trumps the war against the media” from 24. February 2017, in which the journalist Daniele Ganser with the Moderator Jonas Projer delivered a fierce dispute over a shortened Mail. At that time, nearly 500 complaints were received by the Ombudsman’s office.

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