It is a race against time: In Spain, a two-year-old Boy in a close-knit and more than a hundred meters deep borehole. With a large contingent of the use of force attempted on Monday to find the boy and save him from the 25 cm wide shaft. So far, only a bag of candy had been found, the have worn the Small, said the government delegate in Málaga, María Gámez, the TV station Antena 3.

The use is a complicated one. In the hole in the ground, it was damp and cold, also no one is prepared technically on a rescue action “with such a tight hole,” added Gámez. Try to hit the Missing two in the shaft dropped down cameras to places, so far, failed. According to reports, is now trying to drill parallel to the existing hole, a second shaft to reach the young in the depth.

Totalán is located in a mountain region in the South of Spain. The two-year-old Boy was killed according to his family on Sunday in the hole, while his parents nodded in the vicinity of pick. The parents were “devastated”, said the spokeswoman of the ambulance service in the Region of Andalusia, Elena Trigo. The search will only end when the Boy will be found.

The 110-metre-deep shaft with a diameter of only 25 centimetres was created according to local media in December in the case of an exploration hole. Therefore, the hole was not covered.