it was now with the emancipation movement in the Darts: excreted in England, the mother country of the arrow-thrower, the living and the game is Russian Anastasia Dobromyslowa at the Darts world championship against Ryan Joyce in the first round, as before, the Englishwoman Lisa Ashton. Not because they are women and therefore worse could throw, as it is the common people mouth claims. The 34-year-old Dobromyslowa and the 48-year-old Ashton played rather very well, the Englishwoman won in their 1:3 defeat against the Dutchman Jan Dekker thanks to a brilliant throw shows even a sentence. The two ladies were but simply not good enough over a longer distance with the top players to compete, who are accustomed to the pressure in a hall with celebrating spectators and two dozen television cameras.

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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And so the Darts world discussed about the usefulness of the two world Cup quota places for women in a Sport that dates back to the Pub and as a purely male domain. The players have tournaments against men prevailed in the battle for world Cup Ticket, but in the case of pure Woman. Sports way, it is still no woman to qualify for the world Cup. A pure circus act, the participation of two world-class game inside nevertheless.

women would be good for business

quota rules are at the PDC world championship is nothing Unusual: the professional open Darts Association, for example, the German players on the way to the world Cup even in years in which German monetary rankings are not the qualification. The Association for the development of new markets outside the UK’s interest to bring players from all regions of the world on the tournament stage in a Sport that brings, except in the UK, only in the Netherlands, masses of competitive players.