The French-speaking linguistic space includes 36 countries. Native French speakers are found in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada. But there are also countries in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean, in North Africa, in the Middle East, where you can find French speakers.

According to a classification drawn up by UNESCO, French is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. Indeed, he ranks in 10th position. One of the most common errors is forgetting the aspirated H, such as: “the heroes” pronounced [lezero].

The human knew how to speak before writing. The oral language that precedes the written language therefore provides us with indications on the writing of words. However, each has an effect on the other. For example, the written language has an effect on the oral which is the liaisons, and conversely the written has an effect on the oral which is the elisions.

The letter H at the front of a word does not represent any sound whether it is an aspirated H or a silent H. On the other hand, even if the aspirated H does not accept liaisons and elisions (examples: The herrings, the heroes, the heights…), the mute H makes the liaison with the preceding word, and the elision is possible. For example: a man [œ̃nɔm]; men [dezɔm]; the man [lɔm].

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