An artist who is part of the French musical heritage. Pierre Bachelet, born on May 25, 1944, left a considerable legacy in variety. Immersed in music from his childhood, he learned the piano and the electric guitar before setting up his group.

In the 1970s, Pierre Bachelet began his career in the audiovisual sector where he made documentary films before moving into advertising. But music will mark a turning point in his life. In 1973, he was behind the soundtrack of the cult film Emmanuelle, played by actress Sylvia Krystel.

After having composed music for other famous films (Coup de tête, La Victoire en chantant and Les Bronzés font du ski), Pierre Bachelet went solo. In 1975, he published his first opus entitled L’Atlantique. The singer-songwriter and performer will finally experience success with his second album Elle est d’ailleurs in 1980. A popularity that he will confirm with Les Corons, his third album released in 1982. Until the end of his life in 2005, the French artist released three singles and 14 studio albums, which sold millions of copies.

Among Pierre Bachelet’s key songs, we all have a title that we particularly like. Whether we sing it with the heart in the north of France, whether we listen to it on television in Don’t forget the lyrics or what we heard in tributes and musical shows, each piece has become a classic! Think you know the singer’s music by heart?

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