The Le Kervelec clan is back this summer. Since the creation of the En famille series in 2012, around 2.5 million viewers on average have been passionate about their adventures on M6. Buoyed by the popularity of Scenes of Households (usually broadcast after 19.45 a year), the soap opera is as famous as its predecessor.

Among the three generations of this great tribe, several characters have been present since the beginning of En famille. Like the grandparents Jacques and Brigitte (Yves Pignot and Marie Vincent), their two daughters Marjorie and Roxane (Jeanne Savary and Charlie Bruneau) and the grandchildren Antoine and Chloé (Axel Huet and Lucie Bourdeu). The latter have seen their cousins ​​Hugo and Diego grow up (who have been played since season 11 by Mady and Sohel Meftah), born of the union between Roxane and Kader, played until 2018 by a famous member of the Fifi gang.

Over the years, the Le Kervelec family has grown with the arrival of new members in the series. Love, marriage, separation, birth and major events, they have experienced many adventures and always with a smile. And, it is not the next intrigues that will change the situation in this family series.

From this Monday, July 3, 2023, here is what viewers will discover this summer in the next episodes. “The family is preparing to face a year rich in twists and turns! Yvan (Marjorie’s ex-husband played by Yvan Le Bolloc’h) announces his future new fatherhood, Annabelle (Antoinette Giret) has desires for independence , a former love of Brigitte is back, Roxane plans to move in with her companion and begins to talk about family and Lucienne organizes her wedding”, indicates the astonishing synopsis of this twelfth season.

But, have you followed the previous editions of En famille? How well do you know the members of the Le Kervelec clan? Planet invites you to test your knowledge through our quiz on the M6 ​​comedy series. Up to you !