The tradition of giving a middle name, or even a third name, dates from the Middle Ages. Aiming to distinguish the person from these namesakes or to pay tribute to a member of his family, this practice is very widespread in France. Nevertheless, it is unusual to use all of one’s first names to introduce oneself. Most of the time, the French only use their first name (usual first name) and their surname. Many French politicians have a middle or third name. Can you recognize them? Test your knowledge in our quiz below.

In France, parents can give any first name to their little girl or little boy, as stipulated by the law dating from January 8, 1993. However, the civil status can still oppose certain first names like that was the case for: Hades, Griezmann Mbappé, Titeuf, Nutella, Fraise, Joyeux et Patriste, Babord and Tribord, as well as Jihad.

Each generation has known so-called “trendy” first names. With the fashion for vintage, many parents decide to give their children first names from older generations. Indeed, as mentioned in an article by Planet, “the first names given in the years 1990-2000, it is finished. Today, the first names of the 1900s are the whole new trend”. Here is the list of some names that are all the rage at the moment:

Take our quiz below to find out the middle names of these politicians.