Ah, the 1980s… A source of nostalgia for many people, in 2023 the 1980s even make those who have not lived through them dream. Indeed, this period is synonymous with a great source of stylistic inspiration. The world of music or even fashion are seeing the recycling of trends that appeared during this decade which largely deserve the status of timeless. Stylistic freedom and audacity were the watchwords of fashion and of the sounds that had become essential in the 1980s.

The flamboyant colors of these years would echo a liberating momentum, as stipulated by our Marie Claire colleagues. A dynamic that continues to dominate in the “pop culture” of the 2020s: in recent years, the liberation of oppressed populations has experienced a momentum never seen before. The other side of these speeches denouncing discrimination of all kinds is obviously also heard: could this be why the 1980s are still so popular?

The 1980s were also bearers of many icons of today’s culture: from Lady Di to Madonna to Michael Jackson, these stars marked fashion, music and minds far beyond their lives. Thus, today we find the trends of the eighties at the heart of the effervescence that vintage and retro are experiencing today.

Many are also the songs of the time still appearing among the essentials of the evening today. You who have certainly listened to these titles on the radio when they were released, do you think you are still unbeatable on the hits of the time? This quiz will be able to demonstrate it… Guess which hits are taken from each of the 10 lyrics excerpts below.