La Grande Vadrouille, Bienvenue chez les Cht’is, Intouchables… You must have seen one of his comedies in the cinema, on rebroadcast, on television, on DVD or for another occasion. Yet these popular films are among the biggest hits in French box office history.

Some films have become classics, others have won awards at award shows. But most have highlighted great actors who have marked the seventh art in France in several registers. We think in particular of Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu, Louis de Funès, or even Dany Boon, Omar Sy and Monica Bellucci.

What these many movie stars have in common is that their lines have marked the minds of fans across generations. It’s very simple: we can’t help but imitate (or quote) our favorite stars in front of our screen. Comedy, drama, biographical, historical or action film… There is something for everyone and these masterpieces have not aged a bit.

Think you’re as knowledgeable as a game show contestant when asked about the seventh art? The funny, mythical and moving scenes hold no secrets for you? Planet invites you to test your knowledge through our cinema quiz.

Who said what? In which movie was this phrase spoken by this character? It’s up to you to discover a non-exhaustive list of these replicas in our slideshow.