Overcrowded trains are not uncommon in Germany. Because a family spontaneously made a seat reservation, passengers had to get off the train.

Stressful train journeys are the order of the day in this country. Trains are often delayed, overcrowded or even cancelled. As a user of the online portal Reddit reports, he and his family experienced an unpleasant surprise on a Sunday afternoon journey on an ICE.

The drama began with a train delay, whereupon the father concerned decided to change to an earlier train that was also delayed.

The passengers who were already on the train received an announcement shortly afterwards informing them that from Berlin onwards only the back half of the train would continue. At that moment the family was already sitting in the front section. “I desperately check whether you can reserve seats,” said the Reddit user.

He and his family then managed to make their way to the newly reserved seats. When they arrived at the seats secured for money in the Deutsche Bahn app, they “chased away” those who were “happily sitting there,” the father of the family continued in his text.

But the chaos never ended. The ICE was overcrowded. Many passengers apparently had to get off so that the train could continue. Among them were those who had previously left their reserved seats. What was particularly annoying, the man says, was that the next train to the desired destination did not arrive for hours.

“It feels kind of stupid to have bought the ‘right to stay’ on the train with the spontaneous reservation almost after the fact (i.e. after people had intervened),” continued the man, who was asking for the opinion of the online community.

But they supported him in his decision. The father of the family would not have made the rules, the other passengers would have had the same chance of getting the seats. They could have simply booked them in the app for an additional charge if it had been so important to them.

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